LODE SIA’s Cookie Policy

The purpose of the Cookie Policy is to provide a natural person – the data subject, with information about LODE SIA’s cookie policy, which is applied on the websites maintained by LODE SIA, ensuring the security of the personal information and the protection of rights of the data subject. By using cookies, we ensure that all personal data are processed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC and also in accordance with other regulatory enactments in the field of privacy and personal data processing, as well as in accordance with the Privacy Policy of LODE SIA.

The controller of personal data is LODE SIA, reg. No. 50003032071, legal address: Lodes iela 1, Liepa, Liepa pagasts, Cēsis novads, LV-4128. In matters of data processing, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to info@lode.lv

Cookies are small text files that a browser (such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and others) stores on a device (such as a computer, mobile phone, tablet) while browsing a website. They are widely used to enable websites to function or to function better and more efficiently, or at other times to obtain statistical information about the data subject himself/herself and his/her activities on the website.

Cookies are actually an internet user’s identification card that provides information to a website each time it is visited. Cookies perform different types of functions, for example, saving information previously searched for on the website, language and font size selection, allowing you to move freely on the website, remembering the habits and preferences of the data subject, thus improving the website experience.

Cookies also improve the functionality of the website. One of the reasons for using cookies is to gain an understanding of how the website is used, to improve its appeal, content and functionality. For example, cookies make it possible to determine whether sub-pages of the website are visited and, if so, which ones and what materials on them have attracted users’ interest. In particular, the number of page visits, the number of sub-pages visited, the time spent on websites, the sequence of page visits, information about the search parameters that directed the user to the website, the country, region and, if necessary, the city from which the page was accessed, data about the internet browser, the percentage of use of mobile end devices used to access the website. The IP address of the user’s computer, which is transmitted for technical reasons, is automatically anonymized and does not allow any conclusions about the user’s identity to be drawn.

Cookies are used on the website maintained by LODE SIA for ease of use and full functionality, as well as for the purposes of collecting statistics.

For the purpose of collecting statistics, the website www.lode.lv/en uses the Google Analytics software developed by Google Inc, which uses cookies to enable the website operator to analyse how the website is used.

Cookie name

Task, manager

Data storage period




Used to identify unique users of the site by assigning each a randomly generated identifier.

2 years

Analytical cookie



Used to remember whether the user has agreed to the use of cookies and to stop displaying the notification.

1 month

Visitor settings cookie/

Personalized cookie


Used to collect statistics on the number of visits to the site openings.

1 day

Analytical cookie



Used to check whether website cookies are working and acting correctly, providing an appropriate user experience for the website visitor.

Time of the user’s

specific session

Technical cookie


A spam protection service provided by Google that helps protect the site from spam and misuse. This cookie can analyse a data flow (which may contain users’ personal data) to filter out parts of the data flow that are recognized as bots or spam and prevent automated malware from operating on the site.

6 months

Technical cookie


The cookie is used to remember a website visitor’s preferences and other information, such as his/her preferred language, how many results he/she wants to display on search result pages. The NID cookie expires 6 months after the visitor’s last visit to the website.

6 months

Personalized cookie


The cookie follows the user if his/her consent to the use of Google cookies (also from other websites) has been given.


Used for google settings, targeted advertising and other purposes.

DV – 1 minute

1P_JAR – 1 month

CONSENT – 17 years

Analytical cookie


The cookie ensures that requests made during a browsing session are made by the user and not by another website. Valid for 6 months from the last user session. A security cookie.

6 months

Technical cookie


Google Analytics cookie that provides analysis of website visitors.

Session up to x months

Analytical cookie



The cookie stores a website visitor’s preferences regarding their cookie preferences.

3 months

Personalized cookie



The data subject can control or delete cookies. Most web browsers can be set to block the storage of cookies on your device. It should be noted that then certain settings will have to be adjusted each time you visit the website, while some services and functions on the website may not work.

Read more here: https://www.aboutcookies.org/.

More information on managing cookies in your browser is available here:

You can opt out of the collection of information by Google Analytics by downloading and installing a browser add-on: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

LODE SIA uses technical/necessary/functional cookies and personalized/visitor settings cookies based on the legal (legitimate) interests of LODE SIA.

LODE SIA, directly and through a third party, Google, uses analytical cookies based on the consent given by the data subject for the following purposes:

  • identifying unique users,
  • collecting statistics on the number of visits to the website,
  • google settings and other purposes,
  • analysing website visitors.

The data subject chooses whether to allow the use of certain categories of cookies by giving consent in the cookie bar that is displayed when visiting the website.

Cookies are stored no longer than required by regulatory enactments.

The data subject can change which cookies are allowed to be used or reject the use of cookies at any time. The data subject can reject all cookies except technical cookies. If the data subject wants to give consent or withdraw his/her consent to analytical cookies, the relevant button must be clicked:


LODE SIA may change or update part of this Policy without prior notice to the data subject. Before using the offers, please review the Cookie Policy again for the latest changes or updates.