What is façade clinker

“Facade clinker”is a broad term encompassing all ceramic products – facing or clinker – intended for use on the exterior of a structure. This group includes bricks, fittings and ceramic tiles, both facing and clinker. Although these materials have similar applications (facades, fences, elements of small and large architecture) they differ both in technical parameters […]

Decorative clinker brick

Decorative clinker brick offers an extraordinary variety of colors, decorative effects, textures and shapes. It makes it possible to implement the most original ideas both in interiors and exteriors – from façades through fencing to landscape architecture. Decorative clinker brick – Which one should I choose? Firstly, the offer Knowing your options is the first […]

Pavers Designs

Despite its trivial shape and seemingly few design possibilities, clinker pavers offer possibilities for laying striking, also very complex patterns. For more interesting effects, it is possible to combine pavers of different widths (such as Alt Toba and Toba, or Patoka pavers with mosaic) and to juxtapose different colours or shades in a single plane. […]

Clinker surfaces. Is it worth? Yes!

Clinker surfaces – is it worth using the technology to install driveways, pathways and garden terraces? It definitely does, because they have many functional benefits, which are mentioned below. Clinker surfaces – Why go for it?Section 1. Aesthetics Visual features are naturally the first ones to draw our attention when choosing the material for pavements […]

Paver. Everything you need to know

Paver is an increasingly popular type of clinker products in Poland, valued for its extraordinary durability, functional qualities and beauty – its precious character, impressive colors and surprisingly large possibilities for creating various patterns from it. It’s worth learning more about all those benefits.Like other clinker products, pavers are made from a mixture of clay […]