Lode-Polska belongs to the Lode Group, a Polish family business which turned into one of the largest manufacturers of construction materials in Europe.

As a Group, we have been present on the market for over 50 years. During this time we have continuously developed our scope of activities. As a result of these activities, nearly 30 years ago the Lode brand emerged, specializing in the production of ceramic products.

Under the LODE brand we sell the highest quality clinker bricks and Keraterm hollow clay blocks. Our priority is continuous product development and expansion of sales markets to cover more and more countries in Europe and the world.


professionals who manufacture our products and deliver them to our customers every day. It is a large number of passionate people who are constantly searching for ways to improve our products and our biggest source of pride.

Our common goal is to constantly look for innovative solutions which, by modifying our products, make them more attractive to end customers.

We are aware that such committed, passionate employees are not only a guarantee of high quality products, but also of the highest level of service that our customers receive.

In business relationships we focus on long-term relations and make sure that our customers and contractors are satisfied with such cooperation. We want to be a partner-consultant for our customers and support them throughout the process of selection and implementation of our products.


The main raw material used in our manufacturing processes is clay. Note that most of the Lode Group plants have their own natural deposits located in close vicinity. This allows us to use our best local and natural raw materials, which are subsequently processed using the latest technology.

We do not stop. We believe that by investing in the development of our facilities and modernizing our production lines, we will ensure the highest quality of products that meets the changing needs of the market.

It is thanks to excellent raw materials and state-of-the-art technology that we are able to offer products with above-average quality parameters, improved acoustic properties or increased fire resistance.


Our employees are aware that quality comes first. They also know the requirements that must be met to obtain a high quality product. At every stage of the manufacturing process our products are subjected to various tests and examinations to verify their strength, absorption characteristics and frost resistance.

Customers receive only products that meet all the quality requirements. Only tested products are packed and prepared for shipment.

Our customers buy a peace of mind – it’s our job to ensure that our products fulfil their expectations flawlessly.


The Lode Group consists of 7 manufacturing companies recognized in the construction industry, situated in 9 plants across Poland and Latvia, with headquarters in Warsaw: Lode SIA, GZCB, Cerpol-Kozłowice, Patoka Industries, TeknoAmerBlok, PCO “Żarów”, Jaro.

The Lode Group manufactures a wide range of products: from clinker products and clay blocks, through concretes, to refractories and raw materials.
We also manufacture a variety of construction products: façade products, small architecture, road and garden products as well as products for the construction of engineering structures.

Such a wide range of products and number of plants makes us one of the largest construction material manufacturers in Europe.