Our Brands

Lode is the most frequently selected brand of clinker bricks in Eastern Europe. We offer products of excellent quality parameters and for a wide range of applications.

LHL Klinkier is a market leader in the paver and brick segment. We offer the widest range of clinker products on the market, including different formats and shades.  

The connoisseur will enjoy Patoka clinker. Its unique texture, shade and hue of the products offer inspiration and guarantee extraordinary aesthetic effects. 


What makes us clinker specialists?

Vast experience. We have been involved in the production of clinker for several decades. During this time, we have continuously improved and expanded our offer, developed the competence of our team, and implemented innovations to become the clinker leader in Poland.

Our offer is unique in the market. Today, we have 3 brands that offer the widest range of the highest quality clinker products: bricks, paving blocks, and tiles.

Vast knowledge. After so many years on the market, we can say without exaggeration that we know everything about clinker. Our experts know clinker best in Poland – its properties, applications, and laying techniques.